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Theatre Dance Festivals & Scholarships

Theatre dance festivals provide an opportunity for good amateur dancers to receive the judgment of eminent professionals, to gain experiential knowledge, to benefit from seeing others taking part, to develop confidence by demonstrating their artistic abilities before both critical and appreciative audiences. Festivals can be a means by which good dancers become more widely known and by which some may start their careers as professional artists. They raise the national standard of amateur performance in theatre dance.

We have a technical team of theatre dance specialists at DC Dance & Performing Arts who provide private tuition in order to coach and mentor your child with the work required for festivals. All of our teachers are qualified dance teachers and are continually training to update their skills and continued professional development.

Pupils from the school have also been nominated for both UKA and IDTA Theatre Scholarship events. Pupils have received commendations, finalist placings and catogory winners in classical ballet and tap. We are looking forward to the seeing more pupils at IDTA Scholarship events.

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''We are immensly proud of our festival team at the school and enjoy very much to see the progression made by our pupils.

Our dancers range from tiny tots in the 'Baby' section up to students auditioning for vocational dance programmes.

Our festival pupils learn to 'own the stage' and showcase their talents in front of a live audience which is particulary important for those wishing to enter the world of performance.

We train pupils to enter Classical Ballet, Character Ballet, Classical Greek, National, Song and Dance, Modern Jazz, Lyrical and Tap both in solo, duet and trio performances.

Our pupils compete both locally and in national events and have enjoyed much success, often gaining trophies, medals and commendations. The school has also received awards for best choreography!

We also hold showcase evenings for our pupils to perform in front of their friends and families which have all been very successful. ''

Miss Dawn and Miss Mary

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Freestyle Competitions

Freestyle Competitions are where dancers from all over the country compete against each other in rounds according to their level.  New dancers start on Beginners level and can progress through the ranks to Champions Level.  The comps are also divided into different sections such as Fast Solo, Slow Solo, Freestyle Pairs, Rock’N’Roll  Pairs and Freestyle Team.  Freestyle and Rock’N’Roll Pairs require a dance partner.  Team is also dependent on numbers but dancers can compete in all sections.

Most of the competitions we attend are held on Sundays.  We generally attend one comp every two months but this will depend on when the organisers choose to hold their comp.  Most comps are an all day event. We try to attend only local competitions

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'' I am proud to be Head of Freestyle at DC Dance. My students define the word 'dedication'. They put in so much hard work and effort, that win or not, being part of a great team means more than medals.

I support four teams, all of who I am honored to represent when we compete amongst other schools.

My students have named themselves 'The Dance Family' as while working as a team, they are also building courage, confidence and friendships that last a lifetime''

Jess Earnshaw - Head of Freestyle

Ballroom Competitions

DC Dance & Performing Arts offers its pupils the chance to compete and observe in both local and national competitions within Ballroom, Latin and Sequence. Currenlty out younger pupils are working towards IDTA Medallist competitions and have competed in many social dance competitions.

Over the years the school has taken part in UKA Medallist events with much success and even taken part in ITV's Baby Ballroom after two of our pupils successfully auditioned for the television show and were invited into the studio to appear on the programme.

Our adult dancers are also invited to enter IDTA Medallist competitions and whilst enjoying the competitions also like to watch Sequence Dance Proffesional competitions in Southport.

Miss Shelley is hoping to develop the competitive side of our Ballroom, Latin and Sequence genre in the near future offering more opportunities to compete as soloists, couples and formation teams.

Dawn 1.jpg

''As a teenager I competed in many UKA Medallist Ballroom, Latin and Sequence competitions alongwith my sister and mother. I loved the glamour of the costumes and adored dancing in beautiful venues such as Blackpool's Winter Gardens and Tower. I spent many hours at home practising and watching and re-watching recorded episodes of 'Come Dancing'.

I was asked by my teacher Miss Hilary Kershaw to start partnering younger dancers at competition level and my love of teaching began! I attended many lectures in the genre alongside my teacher as a young adult and gained valuable experience from professional couples and world class teachers. This is something which I still pride myself in doing to this day: I feel it is important to continue my own learning in order to pass knoweldge onto my students.

I continue to love all aspects of Ballroom, Latin and Sequence and have had the pleasure of training with brilliant teachers myself over the years, starting with Hiliary and more recently training with IDTA Examiner Lorraine Eckersley and IDTA Examiner Angela Hanley.

My pupils have enjoyed much success over the years at UKA Medallist events and more recently IDTA competitions. I am looking forward to the competitive side of our Ballroom section growing and flourishing!''

Miss Dawn Chapman

''I started to learn Ballroom and Latin American dancing at the small age of 3 and started competing at the age of 7 with small competitions within the dancing school I grew up in.  In my early 20’s I started competing in the IDTA medallist of the year competitions and when I moved to Todmorden 15 years ago I began competing in the Supadance League where I danced the lead role as a couple and danced within a team of 4 couples.  This was a great experience where I was able to dance in the all ladies league in Division 1 and Division2 and my team won National titles.

I thoroughly enjoyed competing but retired from competing to train to be a teacher.  It is very rewarding watching both children and adults progress in this genre of dance and achieve high marks in their exams and strive to compete themselves.  My aim is to get involved in this level of competition again as a teacher with our own pupils.''

Miss Shelley Waterlow